May 27, 2018 

  Modular Buildings For Sale
   60'x60' Blazer Modular office, 3600 sq. ft., 2 offices, 2 restrooms, SOLD......
   28'x42' Blazer modular office, 6 rooms...SOLD
   56'x66' Modular Office Building, 3,700 sq. ft., ready to ship......SOLD
   24'x44' mobile office building, restroom, coffee bar, SOLD
   42'x60' Modular office building, 2500 sq. ft., SOLD
   12,000 sq. ft. Modular Office Building, excellent condition, ready to ship......
   24'x40' Portable Classroom - AVAILABLE - ready to ship
   12'x30' Blazer office building, steel doors, heat, air.....AVAILABLE
Inventory changes often - Inquire with your needs.
All buildings located in the Pacific Northwest - Ready to transport.

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